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‍The birth of NewSpawn

‍Hi, I’m u/alex2003super and I created NewSpawn REBORN. NewSpawn was the original name of a server Redditor u/EggYoch used to play on years ago. NewSpawn REBORN was my attempt at recreating the server EggYoch described as accurately as possible.

‍NewSpawn has a medium-sized community and its players are referred to as “NewSpawners”. All NewSpawners must abide by rules set by Reddit (the so-called “Reddiquette”, portmanteau of “Reddit” and “etiquette”) where applicable, as well as our own Rules (which can be found on the Official Wiki and in the in-game Rulebook).

‍We have a Discord Server, a Subreddit (which you can join using the button above) as well as a Wiki site that you can contribute to.

‍To learn more about NewSpawn and its history, hop onto our Wiki and check out this awesome article!