Welcome to NewSpawn

A Minecraft Server of elegant simplicity, giving you the traditional gameplay you know and love with an original twist.

‍What is NewSpawn?

‍NewSpawn is a new Minecraft server based on a concept described by Redditor u/EggYoch.

‍Every few weeks, the spawn point of the world moves. Players then have to collect resources and build new cities near the new spawn locations. Overtime the world becomes populated with buildings and structures constructed by NewSpawners.

‍Made with love by and for the Reddit community, NewSpawn strives to provide its users with a friendly and fun gameplay experience that stays true to the original “vanilla” Minecraft mechanics you know and love while adding exciting new elements to it.

Become a NewSpawner! Join at

Joining NewSpawn is free1 and easy:


Open Minecraft 1.15.2 or later

You’ll need a legitimate copy of Minecraft: Java Edition for PC or Mac (Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.9 or newer or Linux). Make sure you signed in with your Mojang Account.


‍Click on Multiplayer, then add a server

‍Enter NewSpawn (or anything really) as Server Name and type as Server Address, then click on Done. 


Click on the Play icon to join!

Make sure you read the rules carefully, be nice to fellow users and enjoy your stay!

1 While NewSpawn and all related services are provided for free to everyone, a legitimate copy of Minecraft: Java Edition must be purchased from in order to join. We are not affiliated with or by any means related to Mojang AB or Microsoft Corporation. This server is only compatible with licensed and legitimate copies of Minecraft: Java Edition and we currently don’t support Bedrock-based editions (i.e. mobile/Windows 10/console)

Open this website on your PC or Mac to discover how to join NewSpawn